MicroDigital Omega vs. Castle IYONIX pc

German variant - usually slightly more up-to-date


Completely unexpected by most, the RISC OS market finally gets something to know that is usually called "competition". It is therefore necessary to do something that was previously unknown in the RISC OS computer market: a comparative review.

Since MicroDigital decided to boycott the press, it is up to the interested user to provide the community with the necessary facts. As a collector of various RISC OS hardware, I decided that I will play that part.

The review consists of two parts: the main article with the comparison of the delivered hardware and software, and a set of benchmarks. It is intended to keep both parts up-to-date as both systems get updated. The Omega's soft computer concept promises advances over time, so it would be unfair to publish a review and keep it unchanged for the time to come.

If you have read the review and think that facts are misrepresented or missing, please mail me immediately with "Omega vs. IYONIX" in the subject line. I am happy to publish comments and other opinions as long as they are factually correct.

If you have suggestions for further benchmarks I could do, please contact me.

The Review

The first version of this review was written in German and published in issue 69 of GAG-News, the bi-monthly magazine from the German Archimedes Group and is available as PDF.

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