My computers

This is an overview over all the computers I own - I am not sure who could be interested in such a thing, but anyway...

Risc PC

My main computer, where all the work is done. The Gateway for the Internet. Both harddiscs and CD-ROMs get shared via Acorn Access+ to the other RISC OS computers and via Samba for the PC.

As you might have guessed from the amount of CD writers, it is also my main development machine for CDBurn.

Intel PC

Mainly used for networking experiments, but also for some things where software is missing on RISC OS and the PC card is too slow. Harddiscs are shared via Windows 95 or Samba under Linux.

Second Risc PC

Used as a testing platform for compatibility tests between various writer, SCSI podule and OS combinations.


My first Archimedes. A classical "keyboard computer", now housed in a big tower. Used as a test platform for the oldest CDBurn-supported operating system version and the slowest possible Acorn hardware.

Amstrad CPC

One of the most successful 8bit computers, made by Amstrad, sold by Schneider in Germany. This classic piece of hardware introduced me to the wonderful world of computers and programming.

Sony PlayStation

My "entertainment machine". Especially the rich selection of very good racing games and the idiot proof usage are the plus points - my Intel PC is surely much better suited for playing games hardware-wise, but I just refuse to hunt through the 'net for updates, patches, drivers etc...entertainment means relaxing, and the "throw CD in, press button and play" concept is unrivalled for that. And we await PSX 2 - bigger, better, faster, more ;-)

This is a list of the games I own - you might notice a slight bias towards racing games...

Name Manufacturer Genre
Andretti Racing Electronic Arts Racer (Sim)
Ridge Racer Revolution Namco Racer (Arcade)
Rage Racer Namco Racer (Arcade)
Ridge Racer Type 4 Namco Racer (Arcade)
Formel 1 Psygnosis Racer
Formel 1 '97 Psygnosis Racer
Racing Simulation 2 Ubi Soft Racer
Wipeout 2097 Psygnosis Racer
Wipeout 3 Psygnosis Racer
Porsche Challenge Sony Interactive Racer
Gran Turismo Sony Interactive Racer
Micro Machines 3 Code Masters Racer
Colin McRae Rally Code Masters Racer
TOCA 2 Code Masters Racer
V-Rally Infogrames Racer
V-Rally 2 Infogrames Racer
Le Mans 24 Hours Infogrames Racer
Driver Bild Interactive Racer
Street Fighter 2 Alpha Capcom Fighting
Tekken 2 Namco Fighting
Soul Blade Namco Fighting
Tekken 3 Namco Fighting
International Superstar Soccer Pro Konami Soccer
International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 Konami Soccer
FIFA 99 Electronic Arts Soccer
NBA Live 97 Electronic Arts Basketball
NBA Live 99 Electronic Arts Basketball
NBA in the Zone 2 Konami Basketball
Panzer General SSI Strategy
Panzer General II - Allied General SSI Strategy
Soviet Strike Electronic Arts Strategy/Action
Nuclear Strike Electronic Arts Strategy/Action

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